Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

The fountain of youth is flowing through your veins!!!!
Have you heard about this revolutionary anti-aging therapy called " PRP "?
Thought it was too good to be true? Well believe it and now it's here in the New River Valley.

This is an advanced approach to restoring your skins tone, texture and brilliance, turning back the

hands of time. This advanced technology harnesses the power of your own blood ( plasma )which

contains powerful growth factors that, when reintroduced in a concentrated way, signals your body

to produce stem cells, collagen, new blood vessels and new skin cells. This activation creates a

firmer, stronger cell matrix at the dermis level adding volume, thus reducing unwanted lines and

wrinkles enhancing the over all appearance of your skin.

We are showing good results, particularly in the nasal labial folds (parenthesis on either side of the nose), the lines around the corners of the mouth and the loose, delicate skin around the eyes, including the tear troughs. PRP is also known to significantly improve old acne scarring.

Best of all, this procedure is very safe, 100% natural and NO DOWNTIME!!! We can infuse the skin with rich plasma for an amazing result leaving the skin glowing for weeks. This is done after doing a microdermabrasion treatment and then massaging the plasma onto the surface of the skin and allowing it to penetrate while relaxing with a hydrating mask that covers the area.  Patients usually require 1- 3 treatments approx. 4 -6 weeks apart. for optimum results.   

If you are looking for a gradual but noticeable improvement in the quality of your skin and an over all youthful appearance then PRP is definitely for you. 

PRP Hair Restoration- You don't have to accept losing your hair any longer!!!
For maximum results most patients will require 3-6 treatments over an 8 month period.

Actual Skin Deep Medical patient Before and After

See what " The Doctors "  and leading edge dermatologists are saying about this revolutionary new procedure 


$100.00 for massaged topically after microderm 

$150.00 per treatment if injected after microderm   
$150.00 per treatment for hair restoration

PRP is an affordable way to do something for yourself and really feel good about how you look!!!



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